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In this video, Kuo Wen Hung spends about 26 minutes speaking on "Tien Hsien Liquid" at the 40th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Kuo Wen Hung

KUO WEN HUNG, Ph.D. received his M.D. in 1990 from the College of National Taiwan University School of Medicine and his Ph.D. from the School of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine in 2008. He served as Resident, Visiting Staff, and as Chief Resident in the Department of Surgery, National Taiwan University Hospital 1992 to 1998. His research has been focused initially in General Surgery, followed by Breast Surgery and Breast Sonography. Since 2011 he has served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at National Taiwan University Hospital. More recently Dr. Kuo has been a member of the team studying the action of Tien Hsien Liquid on diverse cancer cell lines as part of the Investigational New Drug application at National Taiwan University. He may be contacted by phone 886-910-123-334, e-mail [email protected], and website www.cjfu.com.


Thank you for the introduction. I am very happy to have the choice, the chance to give a speech to the audience about the using of anti cancer activity, of taxing work at, uh, at first I must must, uh, using a little time to introduce myself. I am a breast or surgeon and I do breast surgery and also Kimosabe by myself. So I do breast surgery about new breast cancer, about 400 cases yearly. So I'm a traditional, uh, medical student for the breast cancer treatment. But I have a chance to receive these kind of drug to using a Chinese herb drug using in the metastatic breast cancer. And I want to show my experience in the. To the audience how to use these kind of treatment for the men as a breast cancer patients. We know that we we briefly remind you about some thing about me as a breast cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women were around. But despite the early detection and treatment. About 25 to 40 page patients will deal with metastatic breast cancer disease. And because many drugs have actively to treat metastatic breast cancer, so making it the. Chronic disease, like in most cases. So how can we choose the available treatments or the best treatment for these breast cancer patients? Is the art. So you have to. To consider about the balance of quality of life and advocacy of the drug. In a survey performed in five European countries, about six out of 10 patients in European ways, uh, made us a breast cancer fear that that made metasearch. Reza Panzer prison guard received too little attention. And the 50 Paul Pageonce says that early breast cancer received more attention, the metastatic breast cancer. When we see the metastatic breast cancer survivor, we can see that. About 50 percent of made us today breast cancer patients will leave. More than four years in most medical centers in the United States is not a very it's become something like a chronic disease. So, Minister, breast cancer is not one, disease is two ends of the spectrum. For once, Pegatron is like acute leukemia of breast cancer. That is, the disease is very aggressive that we have to treat these patients with aggressive treatment. However, most of the medicine, breast cancer we met everyday is like a chronic lymphocytic leukemia of breast cancer. It's long endurance cause is bone and soft tissue disease. Environment is sensitive to hormone treatment, is sensitive to chemotherapy, and also extended survival. So how can we choose the treatment for metastatic breast cancer? Of course, we must consider the disease characteristics

Tien Hsien

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