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Tom Escott

About Tom Escott

Tom is a writer and holistic health researcher. He has been working in the field of integrative medicine and cancer care since 2018. His journey began as a patient care coordinator in integrative cancer treatment facilities in Thailand. He has worked directly with hundreds of cancer patients seeking alternative care and supported them on their healing journeys. His role involved helping patients from first point of contact until the end of their treatment programs. Tom spent considerable time working closely with a renowned medical doctor and pioneer in integrative oncology, Dr. Thomas Lodi. He quickly gained a deep understanding of the nature of cancer as a disease and experience in helping patients restore health.

At the age of 11 Tom himself suffered from a rare and aggressive tumor (aneurysmal bone cyst) in the neck. This resulted in several complicated operations and having an entire vertebra removed from his neck. Tom was born into a family that deeply believed in the benefits of alternative medicine (especially Ayurveda), meditation and yoga. The combination of these two factors allowed Tom to see clearly from an early age the blessings of modern medicine and also the power of alternative and traditional healing modalities. Tom has personally had family members pass away from cancer. He has also had close family members suffer from cancer (and other serious chronic diseases) and heal their conditions through alternative or integrative methods.

While Tom’s formal education is a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting & Translation, as a result of his upbringing, personal and family health challenges, he became deeply interested in wellness from about the age of 21. This led him to do extensive research over many years and personal study into holistic wellbeing and biohacking. His knowledge and unique background stood him in good stead for his current profession as a writer in the field of integrative medicine.

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