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Holistic Bio Spa

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Holistic Bio Spa
Holistic Bio Spa
Holistic Bio Spa
Holistic Bio Spa
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820 Drummond Dr., Jalisco, 76012, Mexico

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About Holistic Bio Spa

From Holistic Bio Spa 's website: At Holistic Bio Spa, we specialize in stem cell therapy, holistic Lyme disease treatments, and eliminating cancer. With these clinically certified, non-surgical, non-toxic, aggressive, and natural holistic medical alternatives, we address the root cause of diseased or aging cells and empower you to heal on your own terms—while you vacation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta!

We are patients’ choice for regenerative & alternative medicine in Mexico because we offer dozens of time-proven-and-tested stem cell therapies, holistic alternative cancer treatments, and many more to eliminate Lyme disease, chronic illnesses, and pathophysiological imbalances from your entire system. While

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