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Integrated Health Clinic - Fort Langley

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Integrated Health Clinic
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23242 MAVIS AVE, Fort Langley, British Columbia, V1M 2R4, Canada

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About Integrated Health Clinic

From Integrated Health Clinic's website: MISSION The Integrated Health Clinic mission is to be recognized as an ethical, professional & caring healthcare destination that provides best-in-class integrative and complementary naturopathic care to our patients, in a manner that represents the integrity of our profession.

VISION The Integrated Health Clinic vision is to be the recognized leader in patient-focused integrative and complementary naturopathic medicine, delivered in an individualized and well-rounded approach to Healthcare, with compassion at the core.

COMMITMENT At the Integrated Health Clinic, we continuously strive to treat our patients with compassion and respect, providing results-driven treatments that are targeted for healing

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