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Liondale Medical - New York

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Liondale Medical
Liondale Medical
Liondale Medical
Liondale Medical
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10 West 74th Street Suite 1E, New York , New York, 10023 , United States

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About Liondale Medical

From Liondale Medical's website: Liondale Medical welcomes patients at their office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. With Lionel Bissoon, DO, at the helm, the practice specializes in preventive and integrative health care. They focus on balancing hormones, slowing down aging, and treating health conditions with safe, effective alternative treatments.

Their personalized service is immediately evident. When patients call, a real person answers the phones. They limit the number of patients to no more than 10 a day, allowing two hours for initial visits.

This concierge-type approach ensures patients have plenty of time to talk about their

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