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SoCal Pro Health, LLC - South Beach

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SoCal Pro Health, LLC
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610 Pacific Coast Hwy. #205, South Beach , California, 90740, United States

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About SoCal Pro Health, LLC

From SoCal Pro Health, LLC's website: Our primary service is to facilitate the patient's own innate healing within a calm, welcoming space to decompress, rest and restore through acupuncture, cupping therapy, and isometric stretching (for lengthening, relaxing and releasing fascia and muscles).

Medical thermography, aka thermal imaging, allows clients/patients to see * their health for early discovery and early intervention * the effects of treatment ex. chemo, acupuncture, nutritional program, reiki, etc. * the effects of product use ex. phototherapy patches, CBD, and more * breast, vascular, and full body health * body region(s) that require targeted treatment Combining breast thermal

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