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Polyclinic Holistera

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Polyclinic Holistera
Polyclinic Holistera
Polyclinic Holistera
Polyclinic Holistera
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Bužanova ul. 6, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia

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About Polyclinic Holistera

From Polyclinic Holistera's website:

The holistic approach to patient treatment at the Holistera Polyclinic is based on establishing a balance of a healthy organism by improving the immune system and eliminating factors that block the functioning of the immune system. We help you to restore the lost harmony to your body. This brings your body in an optimal state, in which you will fight more efficiently the illness which troubles it. We increase the healing ability of your body with intense detoxication, nutrients, and supply of trace elements that stimulate normal cell regeneration. Protocols that we implement are based on the

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