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St. George Hospital

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St. George Hospital
St. George Hospital
St. George Hospital
St. George Hospital
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St. George Hospital Rosenheimerstr. 6-8 , Bavaria, 83043 , Germany

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About St. George Hospital

The diagnostic and therapeutic options available at St. George Hospital are based on decades of experience, to the benefit of our patients.

We are here to care for and support our patients through all stages of their disease. Our dedicated doctors and our medical staff work hand in hand under one roof, allowing them to cover a broad spectrum of oncological and general medical diagnosis and therapeutic treatments. Our aim is to provide you as a patient and a person with the treatment that is the best option for you, the prospect of improvement and a possible cure, and the highest

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Dr. Douwes speaks about Klinik St. Georg (St. George Hospital) in Bad Aibling, Germany, a specialist hospital for internal medicine with a focus on oncology, gynecology and urology and the Integrative Cancer Therapy Conception.

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