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Verita Life Mexico - Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana


Mexico, Baja California, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Blvrd Gral Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada 9574, 22010

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Verita Life Mexico is located approximately 5 minutes from the US San Diego, CA – Tijuana, MX border in Zona Rio which is known as the central business district. This out/patient treatment center integrates between 15 to 20 treatments/therapies and specializes in cancer

Overview of Verita Life Mexico

Science based treatments beyond chemotherapy exist. We are early adopters of some of these approaches and technologies and we both encourage and support the more established treatments too.

Our doctors have done the ground work on the treatments we offer, they are effective, ethical and competently implemented by some of the best experts in the world in those treatments.

We’re not against chemo or established best practice cancer treatments, we support a total approach to individualised cancer treatment and we are also strong advocates of emerging and less publicised treatments. With this approach you can be certain you’re doing everything you can.


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Verita Life Mexico does not accept insurance.

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